Review: Loonacy


Loonacy is a game where luck is a major factor , but so is the speed of thought and action. Loonacy has a simple concept, perhaps the simplest of board games , cards and dice we reviewed. It supports two to five players , and the rules change slightly depending on the number of players , but the concept is the same . Each player starts with seven cards and the board will be made of some cards from the top of the deck . The number of cards on the table depends on the number of players .

If there are only two players there will be four cards on the table , if there are three three cards , two to four players and if only  one five cards . These cards on the table will be where you play the cards you have in hand. Each card consists of two images and the objective of the game is to place cards on top of another that has the same image. It’s really simple and could be boring if it was not the little detail that there are no turns. This makes the game quite chaotic with all players trying to play first, and so cut the play to the opponent .

There are players trying to block the playing field to try to play all their cards at once , and sometimes it takes almost a referee to keep it going . The winner is found when one player runs out of cards in hand . If no one can play and everyone has cards in hand , all players will have to get to take a card from the deck and take up the game if anyone can . The concept is really funny, especially with more players .

As you can imagine when five people are playing and all look at just one card the game becomes really chaotic and it is here that it becomes more fun , however with three players is perhaps best when it can play more fluid, where there are three cards to look and that makes the game a little faster . It is really important to make a good shuffle for one simple reason . When not shuffling it can happen that a  player start with seven cards connected together and in seconds get to finish the game .

Sometimes there is the temptation to play cards in a bundle which can let the other players a bit upset . The card’s art is from well known Fluxx cards, so some players will already know most of the images.


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